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Manaslu Trekking

20 Days

The main focus of this trek is a spectacular journey around Manaslu, we travel into the northern Himalayas and completely encircle the great Manaslu-Himalchuli-Baudha massif. The Manaslu Region opened to trekkers in 1991 and a special permit is required ($U.S.70) the region is far less trekked than any of the popular regions and you need to be in good physical shape to attempt this particular trek. Many seasoned trekkers rate the Manaslu Cicuit as one of the best in Nepal and whilst the going is tough at times the rewards far outlay any personal  physical outlay. It is in fact not only exciting and adventurous it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Located in west-central Nepal the region is spectacularly beautiful, it lies along the border of Nepal and Tibet and as mentioned, it is a controlled trekking route due to the sensitivity of its position on the Tibetan (Chinese) border. Only organised trekking groups via a trekking agency are allowed and all supplies necessary for the trip (including food and kerosene) must be carried in and all rubbish must be pottered out before. Now a days we can do the Tea house trekking as well. We do not need to do the camping for the small groups. The trek itself is a 177-km in length and you can expect some fantastic mountain scenery that spans altitudes that vary from 375  to 5300m. There is also a highly diverse range of ecosystems and ethnic cultures and you are physically closer to Tibet than any other trek in Nepal.

Day 18 :
Besi Sahar.

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Manaslu Trekking